What are the top 4 tips for home staging?

Mini storage is without a doubt the top tip for home staging. It doesn’t matter how much you clean and paint, if you don’t de-clutter, your home will still look the same. Selling a home is hard work, but when you stage it correctly, you can sell your home faster and easier.

If you are in the process of, or thinking of selling your home, read on more on the top 4 tips for staging homes. Remove pet odors, repaint in natural colors, de-clutter, focus on curb appeal and get rid of personal items.

De-cluttering for home staging using mini storage

Without de-cluttering your home, none of your other efforts will show. It is far better to begin with a clean slate. This makes it easier for you, and it shows your home off in the best possible light. This is the beauty with self storage units in Salisbury NC.

They often use mini storage units for this very purpose or for moving home in general and they do make things far easier. Putting all none essential items in these storage facilities makes moving and staging homes a breeze.

Move personal items into your Salisbury NC storage unit

The last thing any potential buyer wants to see are personal items, pictures, or anything that stops them from visioning your home as theirs. These reminders make it hard to picture life in a new place, so take full advantage of your storage unit and add anything, which ties you to your home, and get it into storage.

Cleaning your home from odors

Once you have moved as much as you can into your mini storage unit, you then need to clean like you’ve never cleaned before. This is vital if you have pets, and any smells they have may not be noticeable to you, but to a stranger entering your home, they will be.

This is much easier when you have fewer items around your home that will attract dust. Carpets can be cleaned and floors can be polished. This has one of the most significant effects because they take up such a large area.

Painting your home to raise appeal

When you paint your Salisbury home ready for selling, you should consider the outside. Raising curb appeal of your home is one thing that stands out to a potential buyer. The colors you should choose are more important inside as they have an impact.

Light neutral colors make your home appear much larger and airy. It also give the viewers a clean canvas where they can imagine their own personal touches. Not to mention, lighter colors tend to make your home appear much cleaner.

Finding an accessible storage facility in Salisbury NC

When you are staging your home, you may need things from your mini storage unit until you sell your home. You can spend hours trying to find a local storage facility, and still not locate one that is ideal.

To save all this effort, so you can get moving as quick as possible. Contact Mr. Storage and speak to the staff who are familiar with renters using storage units so they can stage their homes. You can save lots of time in finding the most affordable and ideal storage unit for your needs.

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