Is your storage unit safe?

Storage units in Kannapolis may be safe, but they face hazards from everyday items. In a storage facility, these things pose threats to your belongings and the units that are next to yours. That is why storage companies will list things you should never leave in a storage unit.

Unfortunately, some people ignore this, and they continue to keep things in their Kannapolis NC storage unit and hoping nothing goes wrong. If you wish to digest what not to store quickly, then read on for the main things never to put in your storage unit.

Foodstuffs and perishable items are not mean for Kannapolis NC storage

Right at the top of the list of storage units in Kannapolis hazards that you should never include in the items in your storage unit.

Canned goods are fine, but when it comes to packaged food or pet food, then they should not be included. All perishable foods will rot and represent a health risk to other storage tenants. Besides, they attract insects and rodents.

This goes as far as ensuring that whatever storage vehicle or furniture you have is vacuumed to make sure there are no crumbs on any of the fabrics.

Liquids can cause self storage dangers to everyone

Leakage is among the most obvious reasons for not stockpiling liquids in any storage units.

The thing with this is you will lose everything you were storing, and it can extend across the floor of your storage unit and wreck all your belongings.

There are some liquids, which are more hazardous than others are, like gasoline, paints, and solvents. Water can even pose a risk if it is in a storage unit.

Bottled Water that is stored in warm environments from a climate controlled unit for an extended period can release chemicals and present health risks.

Never keep explosives in your Kannapolis NC unit

This is a cluster of items that are highlighted by the storage units in Kannapolis companies that tenants should never store. Combustible items can be spread if a fire ever occurs, and it makes it more difficult for the fire department to handle them.

The dangers of self storage are made worse when fire departments do not know what they are dealing with.

Anything as innocent-like fireworks can be serious risks, and if ignited, they can torch the rest of your storage items.

Kannapolis NC storage facilities detail what and what not to do

Local storage facilities have these regulations to ensure each tenant of their storage units is safe from unexpected self-storage hazards. Some tenants try to keep some of the above items in storage units.

While it may not harm anyone using local storage facilities, it will often cause their belongings to be destroyed.

If you want to know, what you can store and what you should not, call Mr. Storage, and professionals will review the items that are safe to place inside your storage units and the best way to take care of your belongings.

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