Are you about to live together for the first time?

Storage units can be very helpful when a couple finally commits and moves into a house together. This is a stimulating time, however, there is the issue of all the duplicate items that have been accumulated through the years.

You may have two televisions, an extra microwave, and a spare bed which may not have a place in your new home. If you are nearing such a position, read on, and may learn a couple of things as to how storage facilities can serve you better.

Use local Kannapolis NC storage facilities instead of a removal company

Before that day comes and you and your partner move in together, you can review your things to see which things to keep in storage units

The balance may be taken to your local storage facility, so your moving company only needs to perform roughly half the task. Doing so can save you a small fortune which can go to a far better use.

Too many things for a small home fit into storage units with ease

Not all couples will have the luxury of relocating to a larger house on their first go. This can take a while to save, so a smaller place to start makes sense. With an excess of useful property, possessions need a home.

Storage units and particularly climate-controlled units are the ideal locations to keep these items stowed away safely. Most couples consider selling unwanted items, but over time, it will always be the case that something gets broken, and you may need a new one.

One of you may need some extra space

By the time you move in for the first time with your partner, you start to learn who they truly are. Eventually, you may get on each other’s nerves for a bit, so some free space may help ease the tension. A Kannapolis NC man cave fits nicely into the equation. Storage units are the idyllic place to get away for a while.

It is quite feasible to grab your most favorite chair and lie back and relax for a time in your personal storage space. With the quiet as your partner for about an hour or so both of you can relax until it’s time to go home.

Create space when you double up in Kannapolis NC

There can definitely be a degree of reluctance when dividing up things for placement in the local storage facility. When you are about to start sorting things out, you can call Mr. Storage, and the trained staff will be happy to reply to all your questions, and if required, they can give you a tour of the climate-controlled units.

You can now see that no belongings will be unfairly treated, and will be in the most secure hands while under the watchful eye whilst in your local storage units.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.