What are the most common amenities?

Storage space needs to be much more than a unit inside a compound. It is for this reason that local storage companies in Concord NC expand what they offer on a continual basis. Many have a wide range, although the more common you need to look for are climate-controlled units, 24-hour access, storage units with electricity and drive up access.

If you are looking for a storage facility, be sure the company offers most of these. Read below to see in depth about each of the things that are taken as the norm.

Climate controlled storage in Concord NC

Climate controlled storage units will help keep your possessions safe and dry while keeping them protected from extremes of heat and cold. Not only do they regulate the temperature, but they also manage the one thing that can ruin your belongings, humidity.

Humidity is especially risky for any organic materials found in furniture, electronics and clothing, among many others. If this is high, you will have a mold and mildew outbreak. Be sure if you have belongings, which contain fabrics, papers or electrical items, consider the weather and how it may affect the inside of an outdoor storage space.

Storage space with electricity

Storage space, which comes with electricity, just means your unit will have an electrical outlet. While some self-storage facilities offer units with plugs, the majority of them do not.

This service will allow you to connect to the facility’s power source, but it will be more expensive. If this is required, verify with your facility to be sure the unit you are getting includes electrical outlets.

Drive up access in Concord NC

Storage units with drive up access are contained in a single-story structure and accessible from outside. This enables you to drive your vehicle up to the unit door to load and unload. These are ideal for simple and quick access as well as being more affordable. However, they do not have any air conditioning features. This makes them suitable for things that are not affected by the environment.

In some newer installations, all units are housed in a single building. This means that you will have to enter the building to access the front of your storage space While it can, make it hard to load or unload vehicles with large items, it provides an added layer of protection from theft and pests, which costs nothing. Add to that the fact that most of the time they include climate control.

Concord NC 24-hour access

If you need to access your things outside of regular business hours, the facility you aim for needs to allow this secure access. They do this with keypads on gates where you punch in your code. In addition to this, they usually have CCTV to monitor comings and goings.

If you want to know storage space that ticks all the right boxes, you can contact Mr. Storage, and the staff with go through all the amenities that are available, and which are the best units for your belongings.

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