What is the best way to care for beddings?

Storage facilities in Concord can be the ideal places to store excess comforters, blankets and bedding. They are away from direct sun, they can be dry with the right amount of humidity, and they are large enough to allow you to pack away all your bedding safely without excess creasing or wrinkling.

Blankets change as the weather changes. Winter turns into spring, and you will change your weighted down comforter for a lighter quilt. Most homes have linen closets, or creative storage solutions, however, these are not always the best conditions for your bedding.

All you need to do is follow a few simple rules to care for your bedding’s, here are four top tips to help you care for them without them becoming smelly, or damaged.

Launder your bedding correctly before using storage in Concord NC

Every time you put bed linen in the washing machine, it degrades the fabric and over time, the water and soap load can destroy your bed linen. This is the basic reason we wash our linen more than duvets and blankets. Sheets directly touch our skin and accumulate oil, dust, skin particles, and many other things.

It is however essential to store clean bed linen. Use discretion whether your duvets require a proper clean before putting in your local storage facilities.

Bed linen that is dirty has to be clean before being taken to your local Concord NC climate controlled storage facilities. It is crucial the material is dry before storage. Moisture encourages the growth of both molds and mildew.

Let bedding breathe in storage

Any bedding can benefit from this recommendation. The best place to keep bedding is in open areas. Large items need adequate airflow to permeate the fabric. Plastic storage bags must be avoided, as they will catch moisture. This is one way to encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

You can use cotton storage bags. These stop insects and dust, but still let the airflow. You can also buy duvet hangers. They work well as long as you have space to hang them in your storage facilities.

Folding correctly for long term-storage

Learning to fold bedding correctly is an important step in storage. A properly folded blanket occupies less space.

Some comforters are bulky and tricky to keep folded. Some comforters need not be compressed or stockpiled. One solution to this puzzle is to roll the bedding into a round and keep it in place with tape. This is an ideal option since blankets are more reachable and are not squashed by the burden of other sheets.

Rolling duvets without tightening them and storing upright prevents compression. Don’t want to compress comforters with goose down or feathers. Excess weight damages the feathers and creates clusters inside the quilt.

Concord NC bedding storage solutions

If you have a lot of bedding, you need storing at different times of the year. It is worth using a climate controlled storage unit. These are highly affordable and it removes all the stress of an overcrowded closet.

If you need to know more how these storage facilities can help with bedding, or any other storage requirements you have. Contact Mr. Storage and the storage pros will go through all the best options with you, and how you can care for your beddings.

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