Secure storage facilities in Midland, NC

Storage facilities have many security measures in place, yet there is some renter’s responsibility as much as the storage company is. These storage companies do their best to be sure that the local storage utility is as reliable and safe as can be, but there are things renters themselves can take into their own hands. Want to know the ins and outs to ensure that your stuff is in the safest possible storage space in Midland NC? Here are some tips on what you can do to help.

Midland NC storage facilities need to be up to date

While this may sound like an obvious thing to do, the first step is to check that you are in the safest storage location. Are there many security measures? Is there a perimeter fence, a keyboard access gate, and is it well illuminated overnight, and all the lights work? The final item on the list is video surveillance, if this isn’t in position, no matter however good the safety, it can make all the difference.

Do you have separate renter’s storage insurance?

The security of storage facilities can do only so much. In case there are circumstances beyond anyone’s control, things can go wrong. It is possible that homeowner’s policies do not cover items in a self storage facility, so it may be prudent to take out an additional policy. In the event that there is a fire or theft, you may need to recover the costs of all your belongings in the local Midland NC storage facility.

Secure locking of storage units

Many people believe that an aging padlock will be sufficient as the final security precaution for storage facilities. These are far from being true, and you will require a sturdy lock to maintain your shutter doors safe and secure.

The reputable storage facilities in Midland NC frequently sell locks, which are ideal for these purposes. One other thing is to be sure no one else has a key to your storage unit. This precaution should be the same as your secure gate access because you never know who may lose it or hand it to another person in error.

Midland NC secure storage units are still affordable

When shopping for a self storage unit, heaps of individuals think that extra security of the storage facility comes with a premium; this may lead them to choosing inexpensive storage units. That is far from true, and trusted storage companies offer such security measures as a matter of course.

If you want to know all of the security features your local storage facilities has, call Mr. Storage and the helpful staff will guide you through the security protocols, or they can give you a tour, and you can see for yourself.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.