Are you worried about your belongings in storage?

Storage facilities in Salisbury NC do everything possible in the relation of security in their facility. However, security can be strengthened by the support of the tenants who use the facilities.

Both need to work simultaneously so they can help each other. While the major part of physical security is down to the storage company, there are some elements where a tenant can help.

If you wish to learn more about cooperating to make sure all your things are safe and secure, carry on reading, and a few more details will come your way in these helpful storage security tips.

Salisbury NC storage facilities need layers of protection

Although this is straightforward, not all storage companies in carrying out all they can when you begin to look at their security. Tenants can be careful and check the essential things before they commit to a storage facility offers.

  • Do they provide a secure fence around the perimeter?
  • Are the gates automatic with keyless access?
  • Does the compound have working floodlights?
  • Are all the storage facilities illuminated during the night?

Most decent storage companies now make it standard to have a CCTV system which records around the clock. These systems can be for their benefit as much as they can for their tenants.

Does anybody watch while you load or unload your storage unit?

Most people who make use of Salisbury NC  storage facilities are nearly invariably predictable. However, there are always some shady personalities, and it only takes an acute eye to detect something of value moving into your storage unit.

It doesn’t matter how much effort a storage facility places into their security; if information passes to the wrong character, it can contribute to something of value going missing.

This situation can be played down when using climate controlled storage units because these are mostly inside a larger building. Drive-up access storage units can be more comfortable for professional thieves to break into, even if they are caught on camera doing so.

Salisbury NC storage unit locks and insurance

Locks are the last line of defense, so it is worth knowing that not every lock is suitable for storage facilities shutters. The best and recommended locks are disc locks because these are almost impossible to break off. They make it a struggle to cut through them as well. One final thing you need to check is insurance; you won’t have coverage on home policies.

Rather than leave anything to chance, it is advisable to talk to Mr. Storage. The professional storage staff has locks on hand, and they can show you the CCTV system and other security features in place before you decide it is the right storage facility for your belongings.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.