What do I need to know about sharing my storage unit?

Storage units are an excellent way to hide things when you have insufficient space at home. Although there are many sizes of storage units available, you can still find you have too much space for just your gear.

You may decide not to assume the cost of a storage unit all on your own if you will only use half of the space. Sharing storage unit space with friends seems a viable answer. However, is it a good idea? Here we will look at what you need to know about co-sharing your local storage unit.

Choosing the best storage location in Kannapolis NC

When you share a storage unit with a friend, it is important you both locate a unit you can adapt which will fit both sets of belongings. Both must have the precise volume of stuff you aim to store.

Once you know what you will store, location will be a crucial factor.

There is no use renting a storage unit that is too far away for one sharer. There needs to be a decision of which location meets both your needs and is easily accessible. Local storage facilities are situated in many areas, so finding one that is suitable for both can be easily remedied.

Respecting each other’s storage area

Sharing storage needs communication and some tolerance from both parties.

When you share a storage unit with a friend, it is important you both know that both of you will have varying ideas what makes a good storage area.

Many co-sharers overlook this for decision-making and concessions. When making an organizational plan, try to make it so neither partner’s belongings encroach on the others. It is good advice to have a plan of where everything is, now with two sharing, it can be more vital. Once you decide how to separate the storage unit, you need to give some privacy of your friend’s belongings. As long as they keep clean, it is of little concern how they store their things.

Storage facility security

When renting a storage unit, both parties need to know of the security issues there may be.

You may have belongings of little value, and your friend has some valuable items that could entice thieves.

Claiming flood damage from insurance is straightforward, but protection against theft poses larger problems.

Make sure that the storage company you choose has the following in place:

  • Camera surveillance systems – there should cover outside and inside buildings.
  • Secure entry and access – computer controlled gates with personal codes
  • Fire prevention – procedures and equipment need to be in place

Kannapolis NC storage facility paperwork

Sharing your local storage unit can make an ideal situation; however, only one person can sign the storage facility documents.

You will need to decide between the two of you who has the honors. There are responsibilities that come with this, such as the payment. Understanding the differences between space allocation and cost can cause friction between some parties.

However, to help you get the best from your storage unit sharing experience, you can both contact Mr. Storage, and they will happily go through all you and your friend need to know about sharing a local storage unit together.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.