How do I store a couch in a Salisbury NC storage unit?

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Storage is the ideal place for storing couches or other furniture. You do need to follow some steps to make sure it is clean and well protected. You also have the type of storage unit to ponder over, because different types can make a vast difference.

Below are the top tips for placing your couch in a local self storage facility.

Cleaning a couch before storage

Before placing your couch into storage, it is crucial to clean it thoroughly. You can start this by vacuuming the couch and removing all the crumbs, hair and lint, which may have accumulated.

Once you vacuum your couch, locate the care label. You will see the manufacturer’s instructions for deep cleaning your couch.

You need to follow this guide and clean the fabric to make sure it is as clean as possible. Once you have done this, you can proceed to the next phase.

Treating couch parts for storage in Salisbury NC

Depending on the type of couch you have, you may have different materials aside from the regular coverings. This may comprise leather or wood among others. These materials may seem to be hardy, but they do require care before they head off to your local storage unit.

Wood can benefit from a good coating of high-quality furniture polish. Likewise, leather needs washing down with leather soap. This aids in keeping it supple when it is in storage for extended periods.

Moving your couch to your local storage facility

If your couch has legs, then you should remove these. It doesn’t help with storage, but trying to squeeze couches through doors can be awkward.

During transit to your Salisbury NC storage unit, be sure to keep your couch and any other furniture well covered. Sharp objects can quickly puncture a cushion or one of the arms. No matter what materials your couch is made from. Never have the temptation to wrap it in plastic. All fabrics need to breathe.

If they are in plastic, this can hold in moisture and within a couple of days, your couch can be covered in mold.

Putting your couch in the best Salisbury NC storage unit

For furniture, you do need to be thinking about climate controlled storage units. This can keep the ideal conditions. Not only this, they are less likely to have rodents sneaking in and taking up refuge.

Either way, you need to raise it off the floor of your storage unit. Damp can seep through and will ruin any furniture.

Many people recommend a tarpaulin, but pallets are better because air can circulate underneath. You should also store your couch flat rather than standing so as not to warp any of the frame.

If you wish to know more, you can quickly contact Mr. Storage and the local storage support team will be happy to explain all about furniture storage.

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