Do you have a large book library you need to look after?

Self storage can be frequently used as book archiving solutions. Lovers-of-books have some simple steps to follow to conserve their treasured books. One person seldom owns a book during its lifetime. They may be handed around and shared, so they go from place to place.

To ensure that your personal library is maintained, make sure your book storage standards are in line with the following expert advice.

Restrict water and humidity in Midland NC self storage units

Climate controlled storage is the ultimate book storage solution you can use to control moisture levels. They also maintain the temperature at specific levels throughout the year, providing ideal conditions for all books.

Because paper hates water, but water loves paper. If there is high moisture or humidity, then your books will suffer, and any hungry reader will find mold and mildew are the death sentences for precious books. If a book has mold, all you can do is separate it and hope that this doesn’t spread to your other books.

Don’t use cardboard for packing books in self storage

A library looks cool, but sometimes it is not possible if you have a ton of books. Here’s where you can put your books in plastic boxes. This avoids moisture from penetrating the cardboard and stops dust from entering the box.

You should place your books flat from spine to spine and across to prevent more damage. Such plastic crates can also deter insects and rodents from getting into your Midland NC storage unit. For the wrong reasons, rodent’s mice, silverfish or cockroaches love a good book.

Cardboard boxes are not strong enough to support the books’ weight and will split and collapse quickly.

Don’t store boxes, which are too heavy in your Midland NC storage unit

Garage storage shelves are highly recommended for use in self storage solutions for books, however even with an undue weight a book spine will be rolled up, eventually crack, and break. Furthermore, if the temptation is to store anything between the pages, it shouldn’t be thick, because this stretches your books and causes the spine to break.

To be sure, you have adequate storage space and are following all the proper tips for caring for your book collection, you can call Mr. Storage and the staff will discuss how your climate-controlled storage units will help protect your book collection in their self storage unit.

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