Why is there a difference between lengths of storage facilities?

Storage solutions are chosen by individuals for a number of reasons. They may need a place for belongings during a home or business move. In this case, short-term storage is an ideal solution.

Oftentimes a storage unit is required for longer periods. Therefore, in these cases, there are additional considerations to think about which don’t often crop up with short-term storage

Here are a few tips on the differences, and how to prepare for both.

What is short-term storage in Kannapolis NC?

You can class short-term storage as anything under three months in duration. This makes it ideal for students who are on their school break, long haul travelers and anyone who is starting a new job and moves location.

Short-term storage is increasing in popularity with small businesses who are lacking storage space for vacation periods when they need to hold an excess of inventory. Depending on the times of year, you may need climate controlled storage, even for periods of one month. A severe swing in temperature or humidity can quickly ruin some things.

How do you define long-term storage?

You can see this storage solution as an extension of a home, a business, or for vehicle storage. One common scenario is homeowners who are downsizing and have an abundance of furniture they wish to keep. A second being a business who works from home, but all their materials or inventory, they keep in their local storage facility.

With this kind of solution, there is much more to think about than short-term storage.

Things to consider for long-term storage in Kannapolis NC

There is three main things to ponder over for long-term storage. One of the most crucial is humidity. When you have a storage unit that has easy outside access, these are not usually protected from the elements via insulation.

They can become cold and damp, and this will ruin anything you have in storage. The way you wrap things has an impact, and you should never use plastic bags. These trap moisture and will encourage mold growth.

Airflow is the second, and it follows on from humidity. You need a clear airflow around all your items, as well as keeping your things off the concrete floor. Good airflow can help reduce the chance of mold. Climate controlled storage units are perfect for this as they encourage enough airflow that can keep things dry as a way of protection.

Dust is the last thing, and even with any climate control, there will still be a buildup. The best way to stop this is wrap all your things in thin cotton sheets, or place them in plastic totes.

Ideal storage units in Kannapolis NC

If you are in the need of either short-term or long-term storage, you don’t need to spend hours trying to find the best one that meets your needs.

You can contact Mr. Storage and the staff will go through all you need to know in detail regarding the differences between short or long-term storage. They will also make sure you have the correct sized unit that will care for your belongings as if they were in your home.

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