How can we move in together with so many belongings?

Storage can really help, when you decide to move in with your partner. However, as soon as you make the joyful decision, reality sets in and you find you don’t have a living space that will accommodate both lots of belongings.

This means there needs to be a drastic reduction in what you both have, but whose things do you dispose of? You don’t need two sofas, two dining tables, not to mention all the dishes, cutlery and other small items.

This may be the point you both realize you have differences in taste. Your partner may not be crazy about paisley bedsheets, or large leather recliners perched in front of the TV. It’s time to decide what you need to keep, dispose of, or you put the unwanted items into storage.

De clutter before you move in Harrisburg NC

The most important thing before moving in is to have a full purge. Doing this means, you can prevent double work by taking something you need to move later. It is better to do this together so there is no temptation to keep things just for the sake.

If you will not be using the items, you can decide together whether to get rid of it. Donate the best things to a local Harrisburg NC charity, or sell them in a garage sale or online, before you decide what goes into storage. It is here, you may both have to make difficult decisions of what is indispensable, and what isn’t.

Testing both sets of furniture to see which the best for your new home is, is advisable. Both partners need an open mind and most of all; they shouldn’t lose focus on their commitment. Sometimes things will look better when paired with others. Decide together which items you both like in your living space.

Putting the best in storage

If you have two of some things, you are better keeping the best for the home, and the second item as a backup. Disposing of something seems good at the time, but can be a false economy if you need to purchase it again.

Self storage units are ideal at this stage because you will know what can stay, and what should go into storage. You can always keep all your unwanted belongings in your local storage facility before donating or selling.

If you have a storage unit, you can take your time because selling treasured belongings isn’t always easy. Once it is in your climate controlled storage unit, then it will be out of sight and you may think differently about it after a while.

What kind of storage unit do we need in Harrisburg NC?

If you are moving in with your partner, the chances of either of you having a storage unit already are slim. The best way to find out which meets your needs is to gather your things and make a rough estimation of the size. 

Once you have this, contact Mr. Storage, and the pros there will go through all your options to help you decide. They can explain the differences between easy access storage units all the way to climate controlled units, which will be the best for your home furnishings.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.