What is RV-storage and how can it help you?

RV storage in Concord NC

Image source: pixabay.com

RV storage is a dedicated area where you can park RV’s out of the way with no restrictions. In some cases, an RV owner may not have sufficient space, or there are restrictions in their neighborhood where they are allowed to park their vehicles.

Motor homes are anywhere from 18 feet to 25 feet long and can be hard to park up in spaces where they are not in the way.

Here are the three types of RV parking spaces in Concord NC, and how they differ between each other.

Outdoor RV storage in Concord NC

Facilities, which offer outdoor vehicle storage, refer to paved parking spaces inside the storage facility premises. Some facilities parking spots for vehicle storage, and offer unused space on the outskirts of the facility grounds. These storage areas aren’t under cover so they are typically the cheapest way to get vehicle storage.

Storing vehicles outside leaves them vulnerable to the elements. The most common being rain and the sun. Rain can cause your car to rust, while the sun can play havoc with paintwork and tires.

Because of this environmental damage, always use high-quality vehicle covers while storing vehicles outside for lengthy periods.

Covered areas for RV’s

Rather than parking your RV out in the open. You can use covered RV storage canopies to protect vehicles from the elements.

Two primary types of covered storage are stand-alone canopies where there is a roof structure supported by steel supports. The second type is three walled which is like a garage, but it remains open. These stand-alones offer sufficient protection from the sun, but less from rain. The three-sided variety offers protection from both.  Both kinds of covered vehicle storage rarely have walls that separate individual spaces. They will park your RV next to another vehicle.

Covered RV storage is more expensive than open lot storage and is more common than indoor storage. If you need affordable vehicle storage solutions that protect vehicles from the elements, then a covered space is a fantastic alternative. Using a vehicle cover is still recommended.

Indoor storage units for RV’s in Concord NC

These oversized spaces are units like typical self storage units, and act like large garages for your RV. Roll-up shutters access indoor RV units, which may be powered or manual. The units are between 12-15 feet wide with varying heights and length. They can be up to 15 in height and between 30-50 feet long. Indoor RV storage offers total protection from the elements. Vehicles are protected from the sun and rain, which saves money on repairs and cleaning.

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