How can I store rugs and carpet safely?

Storage space is vital when it comes to rigs and carpet. For one, these can be large and cumbersome, and way too big to keep in the home. You do need the right amount of storage area, and the right conditions.

Here are the best ways you can store your rugs and carpets to stop them losing shape and attracting pests and starting to smell.

Cleaning your rugs and carpets before using any storage space

In order to start the procedure of carpet storage, give your carpet a proper vacuum. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner to be sure to lift as much dust and other microscopic particles as you can. For some valuable carpets and rugs, you also need to be very careful with the vacuum so that you won’t ruin the sensitive weave.

After you have finished vacuuming, clean the carpet to the manufacturer’s specifications. Several cleaning methods can be used depending on the material and the type of carpet. First, review the label, and then proceed with any of the listed techniques.

Preventing insects and pests in your Salisbury NC storage unit

If you need to store a carpet in a local storage facility, be particularly careful to protect it from moths and insects. Use a specially formulated insect and moth repellent for fabrics.

Wrapping a carpet is particularly useful if you are transporting or forwarding it to your local Salisbury NC storage space. This additional layer of protection will effectively help keep out insects, dirt and other debris that can be damaging to delicate fibers.

Keep carpets off Salisbury NC storage space floors

When storing your carpet, it is essential to keep it away from the floor, safely from harmful elements.

You want to be sure; there is nothing more on top of it. Cartons and other items can cause tears and ruin the shape of the carpet. It is of paramount importance to store your carpet in a cool, dry environment away from natural light.

Long-term carpet storage in Salisbury NC

If you have your carpets and rugs in long-term storage, you should unravel them every month or so. This makes it easier to check for bug infestation. You can also give it another quick vacuum in case there is any accumulating debris.

Covering your rugs or carpets can help prevent this, but it is better to err on the side of caution.

If you want to find out more about the best rug and carpet storage solutions using climate controlled storage, you can contact Mr. Storage, and the professional staff will go through lots more advice and tips, while making sure you have the best storage space for your valuable flooring.

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