Are you traveling over the holidays?

Storage units are great for when you are away from home for extended periods. Christmas holidays are a few weeks away.  You may be planning to see friends and family who live miles away. You may also need to travel for work, but whatever the case may be, there are things to take into consideration before leaving

Local storage facilities can secure your things while you are away. Read on for tips on how to plan for your winter travel!

Bad weather in Harrisburg NC can ruin everything

Whether you are driving or flying to your destination, it is important to plan for bad weather and the impact it could have on your journey.

If you are flying, then you need to allow a stay in a connected city. You can add a day to your trip, but it can mean you don’t have to spend the night at the airport because of delays. When you are driving, then it is vital to prepare for bad weather on the road. You may need snow tires, but make sure you have blankets, flashlights, and water bottles as part of your emergency road trip kit.

Although it may not help if you are stranded. But you can be safe in the knowledge your belongings are safe and secure in your Harrisburg NC climate controlled storage units while you are away.

Hire a house sitter, but use your storage units as protection

You can hire a house sitter for a while when you are away. This means the home won’t become damp through no heating, and everything is cared for. However, for valuable items, it is advisable to use short-term storage units to keep things safe. These somehow find they are missing when you return home.

While a house sitter can be a safe choice, you never know what can happen while you are not there to check.

Securing your belongings with Harrisburg NC storage

There is no safer place for your larger items than in the local storage facility. With a perimeter fence, CCTV and secure gates that have keypad access. No one can tamper and take advantage of your thing while you are on the opposite side of the country.

To be sorted before you travel. Contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will help you find the ideal climate controlled storage units for all your valuable belongings that need caring for.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.