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Self storage dangers in Harrisburg, NC

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Self storage dangers can come from things that are everyday items, but when they are in a storage facility, they can pose a threat to all your belongings and the units which are next to yours.

It is for this reason, storage companies list things which should never be placed inside a storage unit.

It is unfortunate, some people turn a blind eye to this and carry on putting things into their Harrisburg NC storage unit and keep their fingers crossed nothing goes wrong. If you want a quick rundown of what not to store, read the three things below you should never take to your self storage unit.

Perishable Items and Food  

This sits right at the top of the list of self storage dangers which should not be included in your storage unit items. Canned goods are okay, but when it comes to food in packets or pet food, then these should not be included.

Perishable foods can rot and will pose a health risk to other users of the Harrisburg NC storage facility, and not only this, they will attract insects and rodents. This goes as far as making sure any vehicle storage you have, has been vacuumed to make sure there are no crumbs on the seats.

Liquids can cause self storage dangers to everyone

One of the most apparent reasons not to store any liquids in any storage unit is because of leakage. The thing with this is that you will lose whatever you were storing, and it can spread across the floor of your storage unit and ruin all of your other items.

Some liquids are more dangerous than others such as gasoline, paints, and thinners. Saying that even water that is in a storage unit can pose a risk. If bottled water is stored in a warm environment from a climate-controlled unit for an extended period, chemicals can be released and pose a severe health risk.

Explosives are hazardous in storage facilities

This is one group of items that are highlighted by Harrisburg NC storage companies that renters should never store. Combustible items can spread if there is ever a fire, and this makes it more difficult for the fire department to control. Self storage dangers are worse when fire departments are unsure what they are dealing with.

Something as innocent as fireworks can be a severe risk, and if they ignite, they can set fire to the remainder of your long-term storage items.

Harrisburg NC storage facilities want to keep everyone safe

Local storage facilities place these regulations to make sure every renter of their storage units is safe from unforeseen self storage dangers. Some renters try to store some of the above items in storage units. 

Although it might not cause damage to anyone else using the local storage facility, it does often lead to their belongings getting damaged. 

If you want to know what you can store, and the things you shouldn’t, call Mr. Storage, and the professionals will go through items that are safe to place inside your self storage unit, and how best to care for your belongings.

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