Have you ever rented a Concord NC storage unit before?

Self storage guides in Concord, NCSelf storage guides can be beneficial if you have never rented storage. You may feel a bit daunted by the process and ask lots of questions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re renting a warehouse to briefly store your things while renovating, moving into your home or looking for a long-term solution for storing products.

If you want to know the answers to these questions, or how self-storage can help, read below, and you may be illuminated at how easy it is.

Self Storage Or Warehouse Storage?

There is a substantial difference, storage is when you rent a unit from a storage facility, and only you have access to that unit. You will be responsible for carrying your items to and from the storage facilities.

Storage in a warehouse is a service offered by a bigger company, it is not required to take things yourself, as all this can be organized by the warehouse company. This is a full service option and your things will be contained with other peoples belongings in a central warehouse.

Finding the right storage facility

Internet research can quickly reveal storage options. The old ‘storage near me’ searches throw up numerous results. If you use this method, it’s good to read reviews for each, because there won’t be any self storage guides you will find to help. 

References are always better than reviews, so ask friends, family, and co-workers if they have used any of the local storage facilities. Make sure the facility offers security, alarms, and video surveillance. It should also be clean and well cared for.

Contracts should be flexible and fit in with your budget. Don’t sign any contract you aren’t comfortable with, and always ask the storage facility manager to explain something if you don’t understand.

Storage guides for the right sized unit in Concord NC

Self storage guides for unit sizes are pretty similar even if they come in a variety of sizes. These range from 5’ x 5’ up to 10’ x 20’. Smaller units are great for boxes and smaller furniture, while 10′ X 10′ units and above can store larger furniture. If you need to store the contents of a three or four bedroom house, then you should be looking at 10’ X 20′ climate controlled storage units. 

You can store most household items and furniture in a storage unit. You can also rent storage specifically for vehicles, but If you’re planning to store items such as wine, rare books or vinyl records, be sure to use climate-controlled units as these protect your goods.

Transportation and additional insurance

Check your coverage. Some self storage guides will tell you that things to be insured. You may also find you are not covered on an existing policy. The decision to what amount of insurance required will depend on the things you’re planning to store. 

You can move your items by yourself, and at your own leisure, or you can hire movers, but these can work out expensive. This is not like storage units which are very affordable.

Concord NC storage solutions

Anyone who is considering using storage facilities in the area, should not jump into using the first self storage unit they come across. This is true if they are new to the game, and taking things slow with a methodical approach is advised.

To make sure you have the best storage space for your belongings, call Mr. Storage, and the helpful staff will run through all the Self storage guides, and to help you fully understand all there is about renting a storage unit for the first time.

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