Do you want to get ahead of your spring cleaning?

Self storage ideas in Harrisburg, NC

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Self storage ideas can make this annual chore much more accessible and relaxed. Spring cleaning is bad enough and can take up too many weekends to go through a home completely. Storage units in Harrisburg NC can make the task much easier, and another advantage is, you don’t need to put things back once you have cleaned.   If you want to see how your local storage facility can help, read on below.

Clean as you pack for self storage ideas number one

One time-saving tip is to clean before you pack into boxes. This will ensure that all your belongings are clean and wrapped up safely before you ship them off to your local storage facility. Do this room by room, and you will quickly have all the clutter out of the way.   As you do this, then you can get on with cleaning the rest of the house without masses of belongings getting in the way.

Cleaning furniture to be stored in your Harrisburg NC climate-controlled storage unit

Furniture should be broken down when possible and stored in pieces. All drawers need cleaning and any soft furnishing need cleaning of any crumbs. Rodents and insects love a good feast, and any bits will do nothing but tempt them.

Screws and fixings can go in plastic bags and fasten to a part of the dismantled furniture. When drawers are returned, you can fill these with belongings, but make sure they are left open for air to circulate.

Self storage ideas for mattresses

Mattresses need good cleaning and need to be totally dry. You can purchase specially made mattress bags that are the same shape. Use one of these to keep them dust free and to keep any furry friends from paying a visit. Also, be sure you lay these plat on top of something flat because they will curl and lose their shape if you stand them on their end.

Keeping all your storage together

One of the best self storage ideas is to buy some garage storage shelves for all your smaller boxes. These can keep things tidy and make great use of vertical space rather than stacking on the floor or pallets and waiting for your cartons to split.

Any larger items can sit to the back of your storage unit while things you might need can sit waiting on your storage shelves at the front.

Harrisburg NC storage facilities get busy around now

Nearly every homeowner carries out some spring cleaning, and even more, homeowners are now taking advantage of storage units in their area. Before all the storage units are snapped up from house cleaners, it is better to get there early.

If you want to know more or find out the size of secure storage unit you need, then call Mr. Storage, and the staff will run through all you need to know about short-term storage options for spring cleaning. Do that, and you will see it is one of the best self storage ideas you will ever have.

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