Are you taking on a self storage unit and wondering what the best type of lock is?

Self storage locks in Salisbury, NC

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Self storage locks are the final thing that can prevent anyone from entering your storage unit. As much as the local storage facilities do to secure their compound, with secure gates and CCTV, there is still the off chance that someone could get inside.

If you want to know the difference between lock types to use in your local Salisbury NC storage facility, then read on, and all will be explained.

Are padlocks a good solution for Salisbury NC self storage?

Padlocks also known as cylinder locks have pins or tumblers which are manipulated when you insert the key. These are commonly used around the home on garden sheds or sides gates to a house. For storage units, they are not the best option because they can be picked by skilled burglars, or they can be easily re-keyed.

Self storage locks in the shape of a disc?

Disc locks are the standard form of lock in the self storage industry. They were in fact designed for this sole purpose.  Features they have are, they can’t be cut off with bolt cutters because the ‘U’ part of the lock or the hasp isn’t as exposed as on a regular padlock.

Disc locks can’t be smashed open with a hammer, or pried open with a crowbar like other types of locks. Because these locks can’t be picked very quickly, the only way they can be removed is with an angle grinder, and that makes way too much noise for a burglar to contend with.

Keyless locks, just don’t forget the code

These are similar to a padlock, but rather than using a key, you need to enter a pin code or spin the dials to enter a number. You can find these everywhere, from your luggage to lockers in the local Salisbury NC gym, and many more places besides.

Although these self storage locks are not the toughest, it is easy to see why they are so popular, and that is because of convenience. There is no need to keep an eye on where your key is, and if need be, you can pass on your code to someone else to give them access. The most significant downside being a thief can guess the code quickly.

Sizes of locks for storage units in Salisbury NC 

The size of your lock also needs consideration. The most common three sizes are 

1 3/4″, 2″ or 2 3/4″ in width. Locks that are larger than 2 3/4” inches are too large to fit the latches of your storage unit as these will be a standard size.

Also, smaller locks don’t have the durability and can be twisted easily to pry them open. Finally, self storage locks need to withstand the elements if you have a drive-up access storage unit, so one that can withstand the harsh weather is a necessity.

If you are unsure which is the best lock to choose, you can quickly contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will fill in all the details about self storage locks, and if you are lucky, they might just have some in stock which is ideal and can save you the need for searching.

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