Midland’s storage experts help kayak owners preserve their investment

Midland’s storage experts insist on keeping the kayak stored in perfect condition to make the most of your investment. It can make a significant difference by preventing damage and repairs. Kayaks are great for exploring lakes, seas, and other water bodies. While steering and turning a kayak could be effortless, storing it is a whole different story. Read on for a kayak storage guide and tips. 

Drain the remaining water

A kayak shouldn’t be stored with any remaining water in the compartments or cockpit. The method of draining the water will depend on the type of kayak you own. For instance, for sit-on-top kayaks, you will have to open the plug located at the bow or stern of the kayak.

Then make the kayak stand on one end to effectively drain the water inside. Similarly, sit-inside kayaks will need a bilge pump and sponge to drain. Then pump out most of the water in the cockpit and/or compartments before absorbing the remaining water with a sponge. It’s also best to store kayaks once they are completely dry to avoid damage from fluctuating temperatures.

Clean your kayak thoroughly before storage

It’s recommended to give your kayak a good wash before storing it. It is especially the case if you use your kayak on a lake since its water is usually murky. Also, remove additional items like bumpers, ropes, and paddles.

Create a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent and use it to sponge down or scrub brush the kayak inside and out. Rinse it thoroughly to clear soap and lose debris after cleaning. Then open the drain plug or turn the kayak over to drain as much water as possible. The last step is to wipe down the kayak using a dry towel before leaving it out for a few hours to dry.

Purchase a dry bag

Whether storing your kayak outdoors or in a garage, it’s advisable to get a dry bag. Wrap the boat with the dry bag before storage. It will keep dust and water away to prevent damage.

Store your kayak in a good place

Never store the kayak out in the open due to exposure to various elements that increase the risk of damage. Keep the kayak in a basement or other shaded structure for protection against external elements. Also, never store your kayak on the ground or on hard surfaces. It can result in dents that could sabotage the outlook of the boat.

Store your kayak indoors and off the ground. Keeping your kayak on its hull or deck can cause irreversible damage. An option is to invest in a wall-mounted rack, portable stands, or an overhead suspension system.

Note: Every storage option comes with its pros and cons. Make comparisons to know what suits you regarding cost and space-saving benefits.

Choose Midland’s best storage experts

Taking good care of your kayak will guarantee more years at sea. If your home space is limited, working with Midland’s best storage experts can help. They have various sizes and types of storage units. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.