Are you a home business or small business owner who is looking for more space?

Storage facilities in Concord, NC

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Storage facilities can help smaller businesses out of a bind. When they expand they reach the point where additional inventory which hasn’t been sold, or there is a mass of paperwork needed to get ready for yearly tax payments. These can be made worse when seasonal shopping comes into play.

There are plenty of business owners who spend too much time worrying about how to get around these problems, then focusing on their business. If you find yourself like this, then read on and see how storage facilities in Concord NC can help you out of your rut.

Making office space for real work in Concord NC

Without locating to larger premises, a business will shrink as it gets busier. Home businesses being a prime example, one spare bedroom can quickly be eaten up, and from that point, there isn’t much more available space.

Renting premises just for these smaller businesses can break the bank, so all the hard work goes to paying rent. The local affordable storage facilities deliver that little bit of breathing space without the hefty premiums that come with long term real estate rentals.

Storage facilities are ideal for slow-moving inventory and valuable office furniture

Climate controlled  storage facilities are suitable for any business. They retain the correct temperatures and humidity to stop damage to any furniture, office electronics or paperwork. Not only this, when a company wants to make bulk purchases to save money, they can easily keep all this under the ideal conditions to prevent spoiling.

A self storage unit comes in various sizes, so a business can quickly adapt to their fluctuating needs. A home business can opt for smaller units, or small companies can fill a larger unit. This enables them to free up valuable office space that would in most cases be sacrificed with redundant storage.

Archive storage units are a blessing

When it comes to a small business in Concord NC, there is nothing better than creating an off-site archive storage unit for paperwork. These storage facilities not only deliver the ideal environment, but it can also safeguard this in case anything goes wrong in the business premises.

The local storage companies are set up, so there are fewer accidents and natural disasters so anything in storage can be protected that little bit more. Paperwork that needs archiving is one of the best ways a company can benefit. Garage storage shelves can hold a high number of filing boxes. All a business needs is a desk, and if possible, a copying machine and they are set. Paperwork is never lost or misplaced again.

Concord NC storage units really do help small businesses flourish

Local storage facilities are often located within ten or 15 minutes from local businesses. This is the ideal time and distance any business will need to travel. If looking for a larger area, you not only have a higher rental, but you may not have as much access. Local storage companies offer 24-hour access with secure gates.

If you want to know more about your local storage units and how they can help your business, then all it takes is to contact Mr. Storage, and the staff can run through all you need to know or give you a quick tour of your new potential storage unit.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.