Have you seen the show and want to sample an auction yourself?

storage facilities in Concord, NC

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Storage facilities have auctions, even if you think storage facilities might appear like quiet places, but when they hold self storage near me auction, then they can be exciting places to visit. You might never have seen one in person in Concord NC unless you already use a storage facility while they were filming.   But if you want to see what all the fuss is about, read below to find out what you need to know.

Why would storage near me hold a self-storage auction?

On almost all occasions, local storage facilities hold these auctions because individuals fail to pay their lease, or they decide their belongings are not worth the cost. However, as you see from the TV, there are plenty of self storage units which do hold things of value.

This is the lure of the many attendees to the local Concord NC storage facility, and across the country. The storage company is at least trying to get back some of the lost rentals, although in many cases, they don’t reach this amount.  

Things to know about storage facilities auctions

The storage facility must give public notice about the upcoming lien sale. This is to allow the present tenant to settle their bill and reclaim their belongings.

Profits are used to cover rental expenses. If there is a profit, this is given to the tenant

Storage facility near me finds it unfortunate they need to go through this process. There are unnecessary work and effort required, and they are only used as a last resort. If there are personal items such as pictures etc., these are returned if possible. 

How to find self storage near me auctions in Concord NC?

These are quite easy to find, and you can make the familiar search as individuals make storage near me auction, or anything similar might throw up some results, or you can look at the following:

  • Storage facilities auctions in local classifieds
  • Making contact with all the local storage facility managers to ask them for advanced notification
  • Checking for auctions in high-income locations

What happens on auction day in my local storage facility?

Storage facilities will ask you to register and join the party of other bidders. A list of rules are explained, and then the group is escorted to the storage units ready for the auction. At this point, the lock is removed, and it is time for the bidders to scour the storage unit without entering.

Without checking what is in the storage unit, it is a lottery, and on many occasions, there is no hidden treasure, but the bidders have ways of disposing of these goods. 

Storage facilities have auctions in Concord NC

This is one profession that might be better left to the professionals. It is also far beneficial to use the storage facilities for what they were intended, and that is to take care of people’s belongings.

Storage auctions might not be around forever, but if you want to know more about how you can really benefit from your local storage facilities instead of entering a storage near me auction lottery. Call Mr. Storage, and the professionals there will tell you all you want to know, and then you can be on a real winner with an affordable climate-controlled storage unit at your disposal. 

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