Best Storage units in Salisbury, NC, and how to leave

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Storage in Salisbury, NC, can be a very helpful place to store your boats when you are not making use of them. But, why would you leave a facility abruptly without checking out properly? Remember that when you first went to the boat storage, you had to fill don’t paperwork to rent the space. Now that you are about to stop making use of the boat storage, here are some ways to properly leave a storage unit.

Give enough notice before leaving the premises

Storage units may sometimes need a written notice of one month’s duration before you leave. If this is the case, you should make arrangements to avoid being charged an additional month’s rent. So if you only want to rent for a short period, be careful to inquire about the cancellation policy before signing the rent documents. It is possible that depending on when the notice is given, you may be punished by being required to pay the whole month’s rent instead of having it prorated.

Make certain that you are not breaking any regulations

Storage everywhere is guided by laws. Some of the regulations that are generally followed in facilities are as follows:

  • You are not permitted to reside in a storage unit under any circumstances.
  • You are not permitted to do business out of your unit unless it is a particular unit designated for this purpose.
  • Commodities like power tools should not be used, and items such as gasoline should not be stored.
  • The majority of establishments will not allow you to store things like weapons or pyrotechnics on the premises at any time.

Become frequent with your rental payment plan

Storage facilities managers do not fancy payment defaulters. Make certain that you pay your rent on time every time. If you have difficulty remembering to make a payment, ask if there is an automatic payment option. Inquire with the shop manager about any additional considerations you should be aware of before renting. Most facilities will require additional payment for late fees. Also, if the unit is not paid for after a specific amount of time, the company may repossess the unit.

Hope these suggestions were not too daunting and that they helped you understand what goes into renting a Mr. Storage unit. We are here to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Storage if you have any more questions regarding renting.