Are you remodeling, or thinking of moving to a smaller home?

Public storage in Concord, NC

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Storage can help any homeowner when they decide to remodel their home, or they have had enough of a large house now the kids have left home, and they want something smaller. Over the years, precious pieces of furniture can accumulate that are too valuable to part with.

Spare beds, extra couches, and armchairs, or even old kitchen tables can hold lots of sentimental value and can be worth a considerable amount of money. Are you in this position, and thinking of doing a home remodel, or changing your home altogether? Read below to see how best to look after your furniture when it is in the local Concord NC self storage facility.

Clean all Furniture before you place it into storage

Furniture can be made from all manner of materials. From fabrics, wood, leather, and glass, they all need a thorough clean before you decide to move them to a Concord NC storage facility.

All materials come with their own kind of cleaners, so these should be used to make sure your old items of furniture are in the cleanest possible manner. Couches and armchairs need to be cleaned of any crumbs that might have found their way down the back. As much as any self storage facility tries to prevent rodent infestation, the odd cookie crumbs are enough to tempt them.

Break it down to the smallest size 

It doesn’t matter if you have the largest storage unit, you are better to disassemble all your furniture if possible. This makes it easier to transport and much easier to store. Anything like beds, tables, and dressers can all be broken down to some extent. 

If you have shelving, you can keep these erected and place them on a pallet. This keeps the cold and possible damp from them, and you can use them for more storage space. Other items such as table legs, bed headboards can all be stored more efficiently when they are taken to pieces. One thing to do is keep all the fixings in small bags and fasten them to one part of your furniture.

Keeping your furniture storage safe

Old blankets, bubble wrap and cardboard can be utilized for packing furniture. Mattresses are better stored flat, and you can purchase specially made mattress covers which prevent any creepy crawlies and dust getting onto the fabric.

This is where a Concord NC climate-controlled storage unit comes in handy because it stops any damp from getting to your furniture. If this happens, you can have mold appear in around 48 hours, and it will spread quickly. Mold will smell and ruin all of your belongings.


Choosing the right Concord NC self storage unit

Beforehand, it is hard to say what size of storage unit you will need. This all depends on how much furniture you are looking to move from your home into your local storage facility.

The one way to be sure is to contact Mr. Storage, and the staff there will be more than happy to explain how you can calculate the size of storage unit you need.  

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.