Storage in Harrisburg NC and choosing the suitable storage unit for art

Storage experts in Harrisburg, NC, understand that art collectors and artists cherish antique and fine art statues. They love them because of their historical significance, beauty, and labor. To keep a figure in excellent condition and prevent damage while in storage, special care must be made to guarantee specific steps are done.

Ensure that your statue is kept in a temperature-controlled environment

Professionals note that if you’re keeping artwork, delicates, and other valuables, ensure they’re kept in a climate-controlled space to avoid damage from severe temperatures. Also, keep your artwork out of direct sunlight.

Ensure the security of the environment

Experts say that fine art and expensive sculptures should not be left unattended over a lengthy period. Using the same reasoning, you should never store these priceless possessions in a facility without enough video monitoring, illumination, and other safeguards to prevent theft.

Before putting anything away, make sure it is well cleaned

Professionals advise that before storing your statues, dust them well and give them an excellent clean. Ensure the cleaning solution is safe for the items you want to use. When in doubt, use a microfiber cloth to dust or a damp towel to wipe down with water. Fine or fragile art should never be cleaned with strong chemicals or solutions.

Make use of sturdy storage

Experts recommend that containers for your sculptures should be sturdy and heavy-duty. Always use sturdy containers and boxes when storing priceless artwork and sculptures to prevent them from falling apart and being damaged.

Proper storage

Art should always have a barrier between it and the floor. You may use a felt or plastic divider to separate the base from your artwork. Don’t stack artwork on top of one other, and always keep artwork upright to prevent it from being destroyed.

Inspect the products regularly

Storage experts in Harrisburg NC explain that it’s possible to keep an eye on your fine art and precious sculptures to ensure they’re in the same condition as when you put them away. You should remember that storage facilities will provide you with frequent access, so you can always go to your belongings if necessary.

We at Mr. Storage understand that fine art should be cherished and displayed for many years. So, we provide climate-controlled units for these kinds of art. Don’t let your priceless possessions languish in substandard storage. Visit Mr. Storage today to protect your sculptures, paintings, and artwork.

Best storage in Harrisburg NC for keeping artwork

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