Do you have children and are expecting to increase your family?

Public storage near me in Concord, NC

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Storage near me can be a frequent search when a family has had a child. Although it might be a while before the next child makes its way into the world in Concord NC, it will still be an exciting time. But, after the first child,  parents may be reluctant to get rid of all the things they purchased, and there is the fact, they will hold plenty of sentimental value.

If you are planning another child, or just want to hang onto the first lot of baby things, read on and see the top seven things that you may wish to keep.

Your first baby’s crib

Cribs do have a lot of use, but they don’t take a lot of overuse, so they are worth hanging onto. Putting these into self storage can save quite a considerable amount of money. After the storage near me search, and you see a possible storage unit. Take a picture of the crib before you dismantle it.

When you disassemble the crib, place all the fixings in a small bag and fasten it to one of the pieces. This makes it much easier to find all those little nuts and bolts.

Storage near me and baby carriers

With your first child, a baby carrier makes things convenient. But, when you have a second child, these things become more necessary. These are a prime example of an item for use with baby’s that are ideal for putting into your climate controlled storage unit.

Because there are fabrics in the construction of a baby carrier, you do need to store them so they won’t become moldy. Heated storage units are ideal for such a situation.

Climate controlled storage for baby clothes

The way children grow in Concord NC will mean that your child’s clothing will be outgrown in the matter of no time. Searching for storage near me might not lead as many parents to fully understand how much they can put into their local storage facility.

Baby clothes can be packed in plastic storage boxes so they can be easily spotted, and also air can circulate to prevent them from going moldy.

Car seats, rockers, and strollers

All these are priceless once a second child is expected. Combined, they can cost a small fortune, and having them already safely tucked away in the storage facility you found after searching for storage near me in Concord NC, can save so much time.

A Concord NC local storage facility welcomes a new member to the family

Aside from storing baby items in climate controlled storage, you can store so much more. Doing this can clear the space ready for nursery preparation and decorating. Spare beds and cupboards can sit out of the way, so the spare room is available for your new arrival.

If you want to find out more, you can contact Mr. Storage, and the professionals will help you see how best to care for your baby belongings. Making that affordable storage facility near me search will really pay off.

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