Can you use vertical space to your advantage?

Storage in Concord

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Storage in your local storage facility will cost no matter how you look at it. Although, these storage units are very affordable and make great alternatives to renting other spaces for many individuals and businesses.

If you want to see how vertical space in your self-storage unit can be used to best effect, carry on reading the top tips.

Furniture storage, and how to do it right. 

Furniture can be one of the most significant items any homeowner or small business in Concord NC can store in their storage space. To make the most of it, you should dismantle as much as you can, and place all the small items in plastic bags and fasten them to a piece of furniture, so they don’t get lost.

Vertical space can be used for couches where they fill the corners, and large items can be stacked with blankets separating them to prevent scratches. Depending on the materials used in your furniture, you might be wise settling for a climate controlled unit to preserve your furniture’s value.

Boxing things the right way

Filling boxes ready for your storage solution looks all well and good. Once you fill your self-storage unit and move things a few times, you will find the boxes from the supermarket were not the best choice. The right type of storage box should be used and packed as full as they can without putting too much pressure on the items inside. 

Concord NC storage units are tall enough for you to stack around four boxes high safely.

Garage storage shelves are well worth the investment and look great along with the wall of your storage unit. They also make things far easier to find and help lessen the risk of damage.

Using a very different storage box, and thinking outside it

When it comes to using storage shelves to use vertical space, there will still be areas which are bare. Walls can have racks for bicycles or kayaks. You can even use tool boards in your self-storage unit if you are using it to work on a car or a boat.

With some intuition, you can fill your Concord NC self-storage unit and still keep lots of room for easy access. An aisle in the middle might seem to be a waste of your storage space, but when you need to locate a box, you will be thankful you made that decision.

Concord NC self-storage space doesn’t need to be a squeeze

Storage success is all about planning and preparation. If you do all this, then there is no reason your self-storage unit won’t be an efficient place where you have all your belongings. Being smart when you are planning your storage space is not just about trying to save money.

If you want any more questions answered on practices for your storage unit, call Mr. Storage, and the helpful staff will lead you through everything you need to know about storage, and how best to make it work for you.

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