How much stuff do you need to put in your storage unit?

Public storage space in Concord, NC

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Storage space in Concord NC comes in a variety of sizes, but knowing which one will fit the needs of homeowners and small businesses is often hard to calculate. It is easy to say a 5 x 5 mini-storage unit is the same as a regular closet, but how does this equate to actual storage items?  If you want to see some storage unit tips for a 5 x 5 storage unit, read on and find out once and for all if they are suitable, or they are too small.

Who can use a storage space that is so small?

If you stand and look at a regular closet like the storage unit guides tell you, it is hard to get a sense who could make use of a small space, and that it would be financially viable. There are lots of people who make uses of these small spaces, and all it takes is a little forethought.  Students, families with small children, businesses and salespeople, and contractors in Concord NC can all make use of these mini-storage units.

5 x 5 storage space for a small business

A storage unit of this size will look too small. You stack boxes on the floor, and before you know it, boxes are splitting, and the space is full. First off, no boxes should ever be on a storage unit floor. Damp can creep in and ruin cardboard, no matter what the weather in Concord NC.

Picture garage storage shelves against the three walls. It might not leave much space in the middle, but with an eight-foot height, you can make use of vertical space. You can quickly fill your storage space with boxes on shelves, or opt for plastic containers which hold all your things. This makes things more organized and very easy to find.

Salespeople and a small storage space

Picture a salesperson traveling around Concord NC with a vehicle full of advertising materials and samples. These not only get messy, but they can also become damaged, or they might be a prime target for theft.

A 5 x 5 storage unit is more than ideal for storing company samples and promotional paraphernalia safely and securely. Additionally, a lighter vehicle means less gas usage. A local storage facility can be well placed in the middle of a salespersons territory, this makes it easier at any time of the day to visit the storage facility and either drop off or collect samples.

A small 5 x 5 storage unit for students

The last thing any student wants is to be lugging their belongings home when they leave Concord NC for holidays, a convenient self-storage unit that is small and affordable can be more than enough to hold all their gear.

When stacked carefully, these mini-storage units can hold a bed and all other belongings. When it is climate-controlled inside, there is no chance of mold or damp from ruining their few belongings while they wait for the next semester to start.

Concord NC 5 x 5 storage units can fit the bill

These small storage spaces offer more room when everything is configured correctly. Although small they are highly affordable and can protect belongings or business items. If you are looking for an affordable storage unit, it is easy to pick up the phone and call Mr. Storage and let the professionals help you find the ideal sized storage space which meets all your requirements.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.