Storage companies help you safely store your vehicle in the long term

The best storage company in Kannapolis NC handles boat, RV, and car storage. Storing a car can be a nightmare to store for first-timers, but you want it in the best condition the next time you want to use it.

Storing vehicles can be quite complicated since they have mechanical parts that might get destroyed. Any damage to car parts can cause repairs and replacement to be expensive. It is necessary to observe several tips to make sure that you store the vehicles in the best condition.

This article offers tips on how to best store your vehicle in the long term.

Clean before storing

Storing a dirty car can be a bad idea; dirt and minerals from bird droppings can affect the car’s paint job. It is advisable to wash the car before storing it to keep it in the best condition.

You can start with the interior to remove any dirt on the seats and dash. Cleaning the inside will prevent foul smells from building up when the car is in storage. You also need to wash the outside and apply a fresh wax coat to protect the paint during storage.

Car covers are a great idea

Although the car will be in an enclosed space, there is still a chance that dust landing on the car can make it lose its appeal. Also, weather elements inside the storage unit can affect the car’s finish. Investing in a car cover can help avoid any possible damage from happening to the car.

Winterize the car

As a mechanical item, your car needs proper preparation for the winter season, especially since it might not be in use for a long time. Winterizing the car seems like a smart move to keep it in its best condition. Here are some things you have to do:

  • Switch all stove valves off
  • Remove the gas tank
  • Drain and clean waste tanks
  • Add antifreeze to the drains and coolant system
  • Unplug the battery

Any of the items you take off the car should be well placed in great condition to maintain them. Charge the battery occasionally to keep it healthy.

Protect the tires

Cars that stay stationary for too long develop flat spots on the tires that can be unsafe to drive in. The best move is to protect the tires by putting the car on stands.

Find a suitable storage facility in Kannapolis NC

One of the things you have to plan out is finding the right storage facility for your car. Finding a suitable storage facility in Kannapolis can help keep your car in the best condition, making a huge difference.

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