Are you looking for a self storage unit bargain?

Storage units prices in Salisbury, NC

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Storage units prices can be pretty similar, but many hold deals for the initial period. Although this seems to be a good deal on paper, it isn’t always that you are getting the best service once these rates revert back to normal.

If you are new to using a storage facility and want to know the things to look for, read on and check out what really delivers value for money for your self storage unit.

Accessibility of Salisbury NC storage units

One of the key areas for all good local storage facilities is their units will be accessible. This comes in two areas. The storage facility itself will be on the main road, which makes it easier to reach without heading up a back road.

Second is gate access, and storage units prices reflect this when there isn’t 24/7 access. Some storage facilities only have access during the day and have restricted access over the weekends and holidays. A reputable storage facility will have 24/7 secure access at any time of the year.

Cheap storage units prices can mean less security

Anyone who uses a storage facility in Salisbury NC wants their belongings to be as safe as if they were in their home. When searching for a reliable storage facility, check for secure gate access, a good level of perimeter fencing, CCTV video surveillance and inside climate controlled storage units.

If the storage company can’t fill all of these security measures, then they won’t be able to ensure your belongings are under a secure watchful eye.

Are your local storage units clean?

You can tell a lot about a local storage facility by how clean it looks. Some look drab from a distance while some storage facilities are so clean it looks like they sprung up overnight. This is one area where a storage company who has cheap storage units prices often neglects their responsibilities.

Check for trash that hasn’t been removed, or all the floodlights are in working order. Any sign of lack of care and attention shows the local storage facility is cutting back on their upkeep and maintenance.

Climate controlled storage units in Salisbury NC should be clean 

When it comes to self storage, there is nothing which beats having a unit which is inside and has climate control. But, this is another area where your local self-storage facility might be cutting corners in a way to offer cheap storage units prices. Ducting and HVAC systems which are not cleaned on a regular basis not only make for air that isn’t clean, but they cannot perform as they should and, are not protecting your belongings like you think they are.

When climate controlled storage units aren’t at the right temperature, one hint of mold can spread in less than 48 hours.

Get value for money on your local Salisbury NC storage unit

A storage company that is reputable will cover all of the above. They will have clean facilities, and their maintenance program will include pest control as standard. Cheap storage units are that way for a reason, and cutting back on services that affect renters of their storage units and their belongings isn’t in anyone’s best interest. 

If you want storage units prices which are affordable and come with well-maintained facilities and amenities, call Mr. Storage, and the helpful staff will be happy to run through the facility maintenance program with you. 

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.