What are the five elements that affect vinyl record storage?

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Storage space for vinyl records needs to follow some strict criteria. Some elements need to be in certain limits to avoid damage. Temperature, pressure, light, humidity and air circulation are the top 5 things vinyl record collectors need to consider when looking for a local Harrisburg NC storage facility.  If you have a record collection and you need to know how to store your discs correctly, then read on and maybe you’ll find out.

Why does vinyl sound better?

If you have digital music it will sound good, however, it lacks warmth. Sounds that emanate from a vinyl record may not sound perfect, but to the ears of audiophiles, it sounds better and comes with some warmth. It is as if the music has soul rather than being empty and just notes and sounds.  It is for this reason vinyl is making a comeback, so the correct storage space environment in Harrisburg NC is crucial.

Can a Harrisburg NC storage space prevent temperature fluctuations?

For most vinyl storage media, the ambient temperature of around 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for discs to keep their integrity. Attics are a difficult place to store because temps can rocket and cause warping of your collector’s items.

Often, basements can be a record risk because they have fluctuating temps. Ambient temperatures can go colder or rise to just over room temp, these fluctuations will damage vinyl and the covers. Climate controlled storage units are ideal as they can hold temperatures in this range.

Does a storage space let in light?

Vinyl records are sensitive to many types of light. This is especially to exposure of the sun and high-intensity UV rays.

Any rooms that allow light in can damage collections. For correct storage of vinyl records, the less light the better. Climate controlled storage units are ideal because they are indoors, and no sunlight can enter to ruin your collection. 

Humidity levels inside storage units

Storage space that is outdoors can fluctuate with their humidity levels. This is another prime reason indoor climate controlled storage units are ideal. Humidity levels are maintained to levels that are suitable for vinyl record collections and many clothing or furniture items you may have in your local storage facility.

Pressure and air circulation

You can group these two things together. Records should never be stored flat or tight together. If they are, there will be no air circulation. Storage containers should ideally be purpose built for vinyl, and wood being a great choice because there will be no static.

Your storage containers need to let airflow around rather than using sealed plastic containers that will create a microclimate.

A record collection in a Harrisburg NC storage facility

A local self-storage facility does have the ideal climate for storing vinyl records. Their AC units run all the time necessary to maintain the temperatures customers require. Homes cannot even deliver this level of control without extortionate electricity bills.

If you want to know how you can cover all five of the above with a self-storage unit for your record collection. Contact Mr. Storage and the helpful support staff will go through all you need to know about vinyl storage and the best-sized climate controlled storage space you can use.

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