Top business storage needs in Concord NC

Storage requirements can be very similar for companies of all sizes. This varies from a home-based business to retail stores, or even manufacturing companies. The three main reasons these companies resort to self storage is for freeing up workspace, stocking slow-moving supplies or inventory, and for offsite document file storage.

We will take a closer look at each of them and see how these storage solutions are helping these companies. 

How self storage in Concord NC helps free up space?

No company chooses to work in a messy environment. When desktops are awash with document filing boxes, surplus equipment or spare furniture. Employees feel trapped and uncomfortable in their office ecosystem.

The logical thought would be to lease a larger area. Nevertheless, commercial real estate has a substantial premium and a bonding period. This will be an unfeasible option for smaller businesses in the Concord NC area.

Storage units in the company’s local area will provide additional breathing space while at the same time maintaining savings in storage space. It may not be necessary for this in the long term, so since there are no lock-in periods, these storage facilities are extremely flexible.

Storage for supplies and seasonal inventory

Buying in bulk saves money, and most companies do so to maintain their competitive advantage. Storing this entire inventory consumes precious storage space, and renting a large space will eliminate any potential benefit.

Local storage units can cover the second of the self storage needs and can hold substantial amounts of inventory. Office supplies can remain in the office while valuable inventory can be waiting in a climate controlled units.

Third storage need is archiving

Paperwork quickly turns into a problem in a small office. There’s no better way to use self storage in Concord NC than a storage unit for housing all of your company paperwork.

If this is a good solution, then climate-controlled storage is advisable. This will keep business documents in a pristine condition and prevent ink running or papers sticking together.

You can install garage storage shelves in all sizes of storage units, so a high number of filing boxes can fit in these storage spaces. It also makes for easy retrieval. A company can include a table and a copier so no paperwork has to leave the storage facility. Paper trails begin and end in one location.

Concord NC storage facilities offer great flexible options

Any company that needs to tidy up its office or business space. There is no financial justification for anyone to take the path of commercial real estate. This is expensive and with long term lock down periods, it is not justified.

Local storage solutions are affordable. If you want to know more, call Mr. Storage, and the friendly staff will give you all the information you need and what the best options are to meet any of your storage needs.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.