How can I be sure not to make a mess of my Salisbury NC storage unit?

Storage mistakes are something a lot of renters don’t notice they’re making until they make them. Many people don’t spend much time thinking about getting a unit or sticking things in it. However, it is still essential that you take the time to organize your storage unit to avoid such common mistakes.

You stack too high in your Salisbury NC storage unit

Everyone is looking to get the most out of their storage space and make sure they fit as much as they can inside to get full value for money. However, doing so results in one of the most popular storage mistakes people make: stacking the boxes too high.

Stacking the boxes or totes higher than you can reach easily runs the risk of not only hurting yourself but also damaging your stuff. You can knock over the boxes while you are recovering items. Also, the boxes can topple over and break things around them. Instead, only stack the stuff as high as you can conveniently reach.

You use old boxes in your storage units

One of the biggest storage mistakes people make is failing to pack things before transferring them to the unit adequately.

Many times folks will dump things in the storage unit in any box they find them in. Doing so makes it harder to stack and may not offer enough protection for your things. Instead, take the time to package things in heavy-duty containers that are sealed. Plastic storage containers provide a great option for use in a self-storage unit.

Always organize as you are moving in 

Storage units are often used to help organize a home. However, it is also essential to organize your storage unit, or it will be challenging to find an item when you need it. So take some time to place things you don’t often need at the back, while you pile stuff you need for more frequent at the front of your unit.

Avoid storage mistakes in Salisbury NC

Many tenants may not realize how important it is to organize their storage unit. But, taking the time to organize your unit not only helps you avoid storage mistakes, but it can also help keep your things safe.

If you have questions about how to pack your things or your storage unit, and what can and cannot be stored in a unit Contact Mr. Storage and the staff will help you not make the same storage mistakes as others.

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