Residents use local storage companies in Midland NC for lots of things

Storage units, can be used for many things by the locals. For couples who are downsizing, the units can be used to accommodate their things that will clear their homes and garages, and so much more. While these units are a great storage solution, there are certain things you shouldn’t keep in them and shouldn’t use them for. Read on to see which things are frowned upon.

Don’t think your Midland NC storage units can be a home

If you are planning to cut rent or on a mortgage while living in self storage units, rethink your plan. People and animals are not authorized to reside in a storage unit.

It is dangerous, and units do not have heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electricity and appropriate ventilation for humans. Add to this; there are no fire escapes in case of an emergency.

Don’t store valuables in local storage units

Mini storage units will often be considered as a lockbox. It is often tempting for people to store money that they do not wish to keep in the bank. But it is not advisable to keep cash in your storage unit.

Even though your facility has multiple security measures in place to protect all your belongings, they can’t block everything. In addition, damp climates or a leak can ruin stacks of money.

Never store flammable things

If you own items like fireworks or gases that can ignite easily, never keep these in your storage units. They can ignite in an accident due to a falling box, the infestation of pests, or a leaking roof.

This will cause damage to your belongings as well as surrounding units.

Don’t keep perishable things in your Midland NC units

Buying wholesale and using coupons can save quite a bit of money on groceries. Many people purchase canned items or other pantry items in bulk.

You should not plan to use storage units to house these extra items. Regardless of how tightly sealed or well packed, they will still attract insects and pests to your unit and surrounding units.

Storage facilities in Midland NC

Tenants who have questions about what they can and cannot keep in their unit should contact Mr. Storage

The staff is happy to help anyone unsure about what they can keep in storage units. While they try to accommodate everyone, there are cases where some things are prohibited. It is better to know from the start what you can and can’t do.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.