There is more to storage units in Concord NC than filling them

Concord NC self storage can be a matter of dumping furniture and boxes into your storage unit, but it quickly becomes a nightmare when you need to find something. If you forget to take some time to do it all properly, then things can be messy very quickly.

Before you begin shipping stuff from home, spend some time on preparation. Read on and see how you can easily go about doing this.

What will I need for Concord NC self storage?

Moving supplies are key. Do not panic if you forget something. Most of what you will need for moving is available at your local storage facility.

Moving boxes is first but plastic bins is a better option. They are stackable and comes in different sizes. Boxes may also be stacked if you select that method. A bedroom will generally fill six small-sized boxes, four medium-sized cartons and two large boxes.

Additionally, don’t forget markers, labels and tape. Labels should cover all sides so you can see from every angle.

Making your storage inventory of your storage unit

Making a full list of all you have in the unit is the first thing to do. Once you know what are in the boxes, you can then decide where to put them and then draw a layout of your self storage unit.

The reason for this is to be sure you can easily find things in your unit. It doesn’t matter if you have things for your home or business. Time is money and spending too much time looking for your things will leave you thinking you don’t have them. Another reason why making and planning an inventory is this helps you decide when something isn’t worth keeping and you can do so without going through all your belongings.

Once you have the plan of your self storage unit in Concord NC, things will be much easier to arrange and have control of your things.

Getting ready to move into your Concord NC storage facility

When you start to move things, you need to be sure you have packed everything neatly. Don’t overload the boxes. Make sure you have all the boxes labeled on all sides you can see what you have in them in any angle.

You can load your U-Haul or whatever vehicle you are using in reverse order. This means it is easy to unload, as you need to. For everything else, you can contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will make sure your new self storage unit is empty, clean and available for the day you arrive.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.