Are you expecting guests in Concord, NC?

Storage space can quickly become a valuable commodity from Thanksgiving all the way to the New Year. The problem is, when you have all these extra guests, where are they going to stay? This can be worse if you have a home business, and you are using the spare room as your office.

Homes can be cramped, so here we will take a look at what your options are, and what the best solution can be when the family arrives.

Spare bedrooms are the obvious choice

The extra bedroom is the first choice for the visiting family. This is what they are meant for. They will have a bed, a side table and a closet of some kind. The problem is that these spare rooms often become the dumping ground for all those extra belongings that take up too much space.

So, before your visitors arrive, it’s time to check everything out and clear up that mess. If this is the only space you need, you may only need to use a small 5 x 5 storage space at your local Concord NC storage center. These will be very affordable, and with climate-controlled storage available. You won’t need to worry about the weather conditions.

Clean out the home office storage space

Once the spare room is occupied, the next option you will have is your home office. It may have been a guest room before, but it could now be your place where you earn a living. Or where you do all your crafting. You may have pull out couch, yet it won’t be the same. You will have to move all your gear and find another ideal storage space.

Again, be sure the space is clear of clutter, and you may have to rearrange some furniture. The thing is you will need to be hauling all your stuff to your closest storage space in Concord NC facility. Short term climate-controlled rentals are flexible and mean you can keep your home office in an accessible layout. If need be, you can carry on your work from here rather than at home.

Find your Concord NC storage solution fast

Things of this nature can happen without you realizing it. Families decide to visit at a moment’s notice, and you scurry around to clear space that you don’t have at the best of times.

Local storage space in Concord NC can be a blessing as they are easy to arrange with the right company. To make sure you are left with nowhere for your family to sleep. Contact Mr. Storage, and the staff can efficiently help as they are used to emergencies of all kinds.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.