Are you ready for the spring?

Winter clothing storage in Harrisburg, NC

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Winter clothing storage and the shift from winter to spring is not far away. This provides an excellent chance to focus on clearing out all the thick clothes from your closet. The problem is where to store all of your bulky sweaters and jackets?

Taking time now to correctly store winter gear will guarantee to make life easier when you need to start the spring cleaning. If you are thinking of using your local storage facility, then read on and see the four things you need to do to pack your gear safely.

The right containers for the task

Cardboard is easy to come by, but it isn’t perfect for packing into self storage units. Because winter clothing storage is bulky, these boxes will easily split, and can also soak up the last of the cold weather from the winter.

Larger plastic storage boxes will be required for boots, jackets and any thick blankets you may have used. Additionally, because you are storing clothes, you are advised to have a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent damp and mold.

Don’t use mothballs in your Harrisburg NC winter clothing storage

Mothballs are not that effective, and they make clothes stink of chemicals. Bags of lavender or natural cedar blocks or are better methods to keep clothes smelling nice and keeping moths away. All of your boxes do need to keep dust out, but they also need to let air circulate.

Washing day before heading to your storage unit

Before packing clothes away, you do need to do a couple of things

  • Wash clothes and dry them thoroughly before sending them to your storage unit. 
  • Use the hottest washing cycle possible to eliminate odors, dust mites, and food crumbs
  • Remove clothes from the plastic bags and air for a few hours, or run them through the dryer.
  • Never pack clothes in the plastic bags.

Plastic bags trap moisture, and it only takes 48 hours for mold to set in. This can ruin all of your winter clothing storage.


Climate controlled storage units are king

Winter clothing storage in Harrisburg NC is far better using a heated storage unit and can be more cost-effective than keeping the heating on at home. Even with this, you should never place packing or storage boxes on concrete floors. Either scrounge a couple of pallets or invest in some garage storage shelves, these will last you for years.

Are you tempted to check out Harrisburg NC storage facilities?

Winter clothing storage isn’t the only thing you can do with your local storage units. They are as versatile as they are affordable, and are very flexible, so there is no long-term lock-in periods you need to sign up for.

If you want to find out more, then all you need to do is contact Mr. Storage and speak to the professionals who know all about using storage units for seasonal clothing strategies for local homeowners.

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